About Me

I’m Deepali Shamsaie. Born and raised in London, i’m passionate about restaurant dining and generally, pretty much anything to do with food. For me, there’s nothing quite like the buzz of visiting a new restaurant, scouring the reviews & salivating over the menu beforehand – I absolutely love it! Luckily, London is a city where heaps of great places open up every month, so there’s never a shortage to feed my passion. On the other hand, and as i discovered very quickly, it’s categorically impossible (as well as wallet destructive) to attempt to keep up with the pace of new openings, not to mention the ever-changing food trends. Despite this, i give it a good bash.


My Journey so far…

  • Born in London
  • Met the perfect man: 2003
  • Got married: 2012
  • Bought our first home: 2012
  • Dips Dines is born: 2014
  • Dips Dines moves to New York City: 2015
  • Dips Dines gets a makeover: 2015

The Dips Dines Ethos

  • If there's nothing to say, there's nothing to write.
  • Aspire to be Informative AND Entertaining
  • Honest reviews are the best reviews