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Walking along East 10th Street, you’d probably pass right by Brindle Room without a second glance.  It’s a small, narrow outfit, and rather unassuming looking.  Though you should know, this would be a regretful mistake on your part, because you’d be missing out on one of New York City’s best burgers.

The only reason i’d even sought out Brindle Room was because i’d spotted its name on a list of ’The 33 Best Burgers in America’.  That’s right – not just New York City, but the entire mammoth of a country that is the U.S.A.  I couldn’t not go check it out.

I’ve been twice now (not disappointed on either occasion), and Brindle Room’s signature “Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger” was my star of the show.

Before i talk burger, i want to give a shout out to the supremely indulgent shared appetizer of duck confit poutine – a huge portion of fries, confit duck, duck gravy & cheddar cheese curds – it’s pure comfort in a bowl.  Although super rich & filling (we shared it amongst 4 of us and still had leftovers), i’d definitely recommend trying it.

P.S. Drizzle on some of Brindle Room’s fantastic homemade hot sauce – but go easy, it’s got a real kick to it.

And now for the burger…


Here’s why it stands out…

(1) The use of QUALITY ingredients. The patty is made of prime steak including the deckle cut (back end of the rib-eye), so essentially it’s a mix of fillet & marbled fat, giving the burger a brilliant flavour.

(2) It’s COOKED to medium perfection with just the right amount of juice, with each bite melting in the mouth.

(3) It’s a no-frills burger, and this SIMPLICITY is what makes it so good.  Just a simple white bun, good American cheddar & soft, sweet caramelised onions.  The bun soaks up the burger juices so well without becoming too soggy and still holds the burger together nicely.

(4) Served with really good hand cut fries, the $15 price tag means that overall, the burger provides good VALUE for money.

So there you go – it’s a simple burger, done really well.  The only criticism i can think of, is that it could be a little on the small side for some (not for me).

N.B. There’s also a recommended ‘burger wine’ on the menu worth trying out (Monastrell Bodegas Enrique Mendoza Spain, 2012).

With tummies full to the brim, we never contemplated ordering dessert.   Only later did i discover that Brindle Room makes its own doughnuts, from mashed potatoes believe it or not.  They come in a range of enticing flavours: powdered sugar, caramel & chocolate hazelnuts with almonds –  I shall certainly save space for one next time.

Bear in mind that Brindle Room is pretty small so try to make reservations beforehand. On our second visit we hadn’t done so, but staff were friendly & accommodating and we happily had a drink during the short wait for our table.  Either way, a wait is worth it – i’m actually surprised this restaurant isn’t busier than it is.

Dips Bites:  I’ve become rather fond of the East Village’s Brindle Room – not just for the tasty duck poutine or its highly memorable burger, but also for its simple understatedness.  Go here for friendly service, a relaxed atmosphere, good quality American comfort food & one of my favourite burgers (so far) in the city.

277 East 10th Street, New York, 10009

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