Champagne+Fromage (Brixton Village) – Fantastic French Flair

You might be thinking that anything with the name ‘Champagne+Fromage’ is likely to be a little ‘poncy’ and ‘flash’, but this little gem in Brixton Village really is far from that. I really really liked this place.

As we wandered along the Village soaking in the brilliant vibe on an early Saturday evening, on the spur of the moment we decided to drop in to Champagne+Fromage – we were a little peckish ahead of our main dinner later on, and as we walked by this cute and inviting little place, it was just crying out for us to go in.  I’m very glad we did, because the whole experience was just delightful.

Champagne+Fromage is a French deli, bar & bistro, and the sister of the original Covent Garden shop.  The Brixton Village residence is small and rustic.  I LOVE the decor, which creates a homely and cosy atmosphere – shelves full to the brim with displays of mouth watering local French produce & oodles of champagne bottles.  My heart warmed as soon as i entered and i instantly felt that i’d enjoy this venue. With just a few small tables inside (maybe 5) and a few more outside, it’s small so prepare to wait for a seat to open up.

The venture promotes non-famous champagne from family run, independent Champagne growers.  They import 16 different Champagnes from six producers, all with unique flavours and tastes.


The ‘Brixton Fixx’ caught my eye – Apricot Brandy, champagne “Le Brun” & Amarena cherry, served with pink biscuit from Reima and it was lovely.


The food menu mainly offers a variety of charcuterie and French cheeses and most come in the form of sharing plates.  The cheese is from Borough Market’s Un Normande a Londres, a company that has been importing cheese from small French producers and selling at London markets for 15 years.


There’s so much choice, everything sounding mouth wateringly delicious – 6 varieties of tartines (slices of homemade bread topped with slivers of cheese and charcuterie or fruit), 5 varieties of baked camembert (garlic & herbs, nuts & dried apricots, figs & thyme, basil & sundried tomatoes, dried cranberries), 22 different and interesting flavours of saucisson, and a selection of desserts (i’ve heard the macaroons are very good).

The 2 dishes we ordered were excellent – very simple, yet delicious and of excellent quality.

Half board of Reblochon saucisson

Half board of Reblochon saucisson

Prices are reasonable – we were really surprised (& very happy) at the amazing value that this half board of saucisson provided (served with great quality fresh bread) for just £3.50.

Tartine - Figs on melted Fourme d'Ambert blue cheese. AMAZING!

Tartine – Figs on melted Fourme d’Ambert blue cheese. AMAZING!

Throughout our stay, the French waiting staff were polite, friendly and attentive.

Dips Sips/Dines: Champagne+Fromage in Brixton Village exudes French flair and provides a ‘feel-good’ & sociable setting, perfect for a first date or a leisurely ‘rendez-vous’ with friends at any time of the day. It’s open until 11pm, provides great food at affordable prices (and therefore means you can very easily overindulge here!) and i highly recommended it if you enjoy either one of champagne, french cheese or charcuterie. I’m planning to go back as soon as I can and treat myself to one of the delicious sounding baked Camemberts.

N.B. No bookings at this Brixton Village branch, but possible at Covent Garden.

Unit 10-11, Brixton Village, SW8

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  1. Sabrina

    Omg I want to go there right now. It sounds delicious!!!

  2. Luke

    Do they do a ploughmans?

    • dipsdines

      Lucas – despite your wonderful French accent, the French would be disgusted at you for such a comment.

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