Sambal Shiok – Sensational Malaysian Sliders Smashing the Streetfood Scene

Question: What do you get when you cross Malaysian food, burgers and a lawyer?  Answer: You get the awesomeness that is Mandy Yin’s ‘Sambal Shiok’ streetfood.

Mandy ditched her career as a City lawyer to pursue her passion for food. Fusing the rich and intense flavours of Malaysia with a street food staple London knows & loves, she has created a mouthwatering range of Malaysian inspired burgers/sliders.


In case you’re wondering about the name, ‘Sambal’ is a traditional Malaysian chilli sauce & ‘Shiok’ is Malaysian slang for “Wow, this is delicious!”.  And delicious these sliders really are…

There are 3 exceptional fillings to choose from –  Beef Rendang, Chicken Satay & Lentil Satay – with gluten-free and vegan options available also.


Each is served in a wonderful fluffy little brioche bun and accompanied by mayonnaise, kerabu sweet pickled cucumber red onion salad and topped off with Sambal Shiok’s signature sambal chilli sauce.  Both the chicken & lentil satay come with Sambal Shiok’s home made spicy peanut sauce – an exquisite sauce which is legendary in itself.

The most popular choice, and also surprisingly my personal favourite (given i’m not a fan of satay) is the chicken satay – every Londoner NEEDS to try this!


The heady combination of hard-hitting flavours is insanely good – it’s like a huge smack of scrumptiousness in your mouth. The chicken patty is soft and full of well rounded spices & that smothering of spicy peanut sauce is mindblowingly good, giving this slider an extra WOW factor.

With the perfect amount of sweetness, spicyness and saltiness, seasoning is spot on. After just 2 bites i literally found myself feeling sad that this amazing taste sensation would soon be coming to an end – to counteract this, i just ordered another immediately :)  The aftertaste stayed with me for a long while and left me a very happy customer.

The Beef Rendang Slider

The Beef Rendang Slider

The Beef Rendang slider is wonderfully aromatic.  It’s cooked in a blend of 10 different spices, and the hint of coconut & lemongrass goes incredible well with the rich slow cooked Aberdeen Angus beef.  I love how the pickled cucumber & red onion salad garnish provides a perfectly complimentary refreshing crunch as you bite into it.

The Lentil Satay Slider

The Lentil Satay Slider

The Lentil Satay makes for an awesome vegetarian option.  Sometimes with burgers, the flavours all seem to merge into one when they enter your mouth, but with this one (& the others above), you can actually taste each component on its own – the tasty lentil patty, that EPIC spicy peanut sauce, the heat of the sambal & the crisp pickled salad.

*Warning*: Sambal Shiok’s chilli sauce packs a very hefty punch.  I ADORE it, although it may be too spicy for some so be careful if you don’t have a high tolerance for chilli.
Dips Bites:  London’s streetfood thermometer has been whacked up a good few notches by the arrival of Mandy Yin’s Sambal Shiok and there’s no doubt in my mind that these are some of the finest burgers in town.  The powerful flavour combinations are simply divine and if you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to stop at just one – you’ll want more & more & more.  It really is amazing how they’ve managed to get so much oomph into a tiny little slider.  Sambal Shiok is doing a fantastic job of delivering the flavours of Malaysia to London’s streets and is surely one of THE streetfood vendors to beat.  

You can track down Sambal Shiok at various London locations – follow them on Twitter to see where they’re at or check out
At the time of writing Sambal Shiok are at Street Food Union (Rupert Street, Soho W1D 6DR; Fridays 11am-2pm), Street Feast Model Market (Lewisham, SE13 6LS; Fri & Sat 5pm-10pm) & at Malaysia Night on Friday 26th September (Trafalgar Square; 12pm-9pm).

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