Savage Salads – Satisfying, Tasty & Guilt-Free Lunch for a Fiver

If you’re around Soho on a Tuesday to Friday and wanting something to settle those lunchtime munchies, why not wander over to Berwick Street food market.  Let your nose follow the scent of garlic & thyme grilled chicken and keep your eyes peeled for the stall with the longest queue – here you’ll find Savage Salads.

This lunchtime stall serves up £5 salad boxes made up of:

– A bed of spinach

– 4 Superfood Salads e.g. two-cabbage slaw with kale, couscous with charred Mediterranean veg, beetroot & lentils (they tend to keep it interesting and salad options  can vary from day to day/week to week)

– Topped off with chicken or halloumi (or a bit of both)

– Drizzled with a sweet balsamic dressing and/or garlic sauce

– Accompanied by half a toasted pitta bread

What i like about this stall, is that the chicken is freshly cooked in front of you –  i haven’t found any other salad bar in town which offers this.

The colours are vibrant, the variety is interesting & the taste is fresh – this has got to be the healthiest street food around.

Dips Bites: Savage Salads is showing Londoners just how interesting, filling & tasty salads can be.  For a fiver, this is decent value for money – get yourself in line for a yummy healthy lunchbox.
Where: Berwick Street Market, Soho (opposite Flat White coffee bar)
When: Tuesday-Friday lunchtimes … but best to keep an eye on Twitter @Savagesalads for up to date location information.

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